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Thursday, February 27, 2020

City of Crest Hill City Council met June 24

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Aug 14, 2019


City of Crest Hill City Council met June 24.

Here is the minutes provided by the council:

The City Council work session was called to order by Mayor Raymond R. Soliman at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 1610 Plainfield Road Crest Hill, Will County, Illinois.

The following Council members were present: Mayor Raymond Soliman, City Clerk Vicki Hackney, City Treasurer Glen Conklin, Alderman Scott Dyke, Alderman John Vershay, Alderwoman Barbara Sklare, Alderwoman Claudia Gazal, Alderwoman Tina Oberlin, Alderman Marco Coladipietro, Alderman Nate Albert, Alderman Joe Kubal.

Also present were: City Administrator Heather McGuire, Assistant City Administrator/HR Director Megan Fulara, Deputy Chief Brad Hertzmann, Community Development Director Scott McMaster, Director of Water/Wastewater Mark Siefert, Director of Public Works Tom Migatz.

Absent were: Police Chief Ed Clark, Director of City Services Greg Koch, Finance Supervisor Ashli Motyka.

TOPIC: Serafin Update 

Mayor Soliman presented the Serafin Update. Administrator McGuire introduced David Just and Scott Burkham from Serafin. David Just explained that they are currently in phase I of the project. Interviews were conducted with City Staff and the elected Officials. The second phase will be branding and message development. The third phase would be marketing and communications plan. Mr. Just explained that there is also a list of stake holders from the community that they would like to have one on one interviews with. These stakeholders come from business, community, faith based, realtors and taxing bodies. Mr. Just then went over the proposed working schedule and survey. Mr. Burkham presented information on the survey and how it will be conducted. This survey will go out to everyone who receives a water bill. There will be four focus groups that will be conducted at the local library. This is the phase where we start to take the feedback and put it to good use. Mr. Burkham went over the fees and timeline. Alderman Albert asked what type of questions would be on the survey. Discussion followed. There will also be a questionnaire asking if the residents would like to participate in the focus group. Discussion followed on the percentage of surveys that would be answered. Alderman Albert asked if the survey would go out on City letterhead. It would.

TOPIC: Hydrant Painting Vendor 

Mayor Soliman presented the request for the Hydrant Paint Color per the memo dated June 13, 2019. Director Siefert informed the Council that we have had discussion in the past about having the hydrants professionally sandblasted, primed and painted. A yellow hydrant would have a one to five-year warranty. A darker color would have a longer warranty. Director Siefert is asking the Council to choose a color. One of the hydrants near the fire station was painted in a shade of blue and enhanced with retroreflctive glass beads to reflect light. The Fire Department does not have any concerns over the proposed color, and it is visible at night. Director Siefert would like to have a color choice made before we go out to bid for prices. Administrator McGuire explained that we will be looking at a more specialized contractor to do the work rather than a regular painter. If we go with a darker color, we can budget the cost over a longer period of time. Alderman Coladipietro feels that we should wait before we choose a hydrant color until we are in the branding phase of the Serafin plan. Administrator McGuire explained that the water towers are blue and so are the current street signs. Director Siefert explained that the darker colors have a longer life expectancy than the lighter colors. Mayor Soliman explained that when he did a tour of the City with the representatives from Serafin, they commented on the blue test fire hydrant and the attractive color. Alderman Albert asked what color brand-new hydrants that we get from a distributer are. Director Siefert explained that the company we get them from provide us with the color we specify

Mayor Soliman asked for an informal vote on the Hydrant Painting Vendor. Seven members present were in agreement. Alderwoman Oberlin was unsure.

TOPIC: Water/Sewer Tap on Fees 

Mayor Soliman presented the Water/Sewer Tap On Fees per the memo dated June 13, 2019. Director Siefert informed the Council that the water/sewer tap on ordinance contains different methods of calculation for the fee which can be confusing. Director Siefert would like to amend the ordinance to go in line with the recapture fee and use PE as the method of calculating. He went through the ordinance section by section and explained what the updates and changes would be. Director Siefert explained how the PE is calculated. Section I is amended to state that all connections must be made within one year of the date that the fee was paid. After one year the difference between the current year's fee and the original fee must be paid. In such instance, proof of the original payment must be provided. If proof cannot be provided, the current year's rates must be paid in full. Administrator McGuire explained that we have had residents come in claiming that they paid the fees in the 60's and 70's. Back at that time, we would put a stub to the property when the fee was paid. Currently we put a stub in when a water main is replaced, which saves the street from being torn up a second time. We no longer use this as proof that the fee was paid. Mayor Soliman asked how a single-family residence is calculated. Discussion followed on how the PE is calculated. Alderman Albert asked if this is how other municipalities are moving forward with tap on fees. Director Siefert went over information on surrounding municipalities and how they calculate their fees. When we send in information to the EPA, we must submit it in PE’s. Alderman Dyke asked what would happen if you added a bathroom to a basement. Director Siefert explained that it would not influence the PE. If you added an apartment to your basement or added an outdoor kitchen it would make a difference. Administrator McGuire informed the Council that several years ago the Clerk's Office found some original records for the tap on fees, but there are several that we have no record of because of the age.

Mayor Soliman asked for an informal vote on the Water/Sewer Tap On Fees. All members present were in agreement.

Alderwoman Oberlin asked that we investigate a sidewalk on William Drive that has been settling for about a year. Director Migatz would look into it.

TOPIC: Tobacco Ordinance Revision 

Mayor Soliman presented the Tobacco Ordinance Revision per the memo dated June 13, 2019. Deputy Chief Hertzmann explained that there is a new law in Illinois relating to the sale of tobacco. The new law prohibits the sale of tobacco to a person under the age of 21. He went over the changes being made to the City ordinance. Deputy Chief Hertzmann explained that in the State law you can possess tobacco products, but not buy them. Our ordinance states possession or use by a person under the age of 21 is a nuisance and would have a $50.00 fine. These violations would be handled through administrative citations.

The only violation that would not be an administrative ticket is the misrepresentation of age because it is a Class A misdemeanor. Alderwoman Oberlin asked, once marijuana is legalized, will it fall under this ordinance. Administrator McGuire said that this is something that we will have to discuss in the future. Alderman Albert asked how is works when someone lives in another state. Discussion followed. Alderman Vershay asked if you see someone who looks under 21 can you stop and question them about their age. Chief Hertzmann said that it depends on the situation.

Mayor Soliman asked for an informal vote on the Tobacco Ordinance Revision. All members present were in agreement.

TOPIC: Crest Hill Food Pantry Donation 

Mayor Soliman annnounced that at the last meeting a representative from the food pantry addressed the Council regarding a donation to replace one of their vehicles. Alderwoman Sklare asked if the events committee donates money from the annual picnic. Alderwoman Oberlin explained that in the past the raffle money went to the food pantry. Currently it goes to a Veterans Association. Administrator McGuire asked where the funds come from that are donated to them at the holidays. Alderwoman Oberlin explained that the money donated to the school's and the pantry are from the bar profits. Alderman Albert thought that this was brought up at the Council meeting to get an interest from the public for possible donations.

PUBLIC COMMENTS: There were no public comments.

MAYORS UPDATES: The Mayor had no updates.

COMMITTEE/LIAISON UPDATES: There were no committee/liaison updates.

CITY ADMINISTRATOR UPDATES: Administrator McGuire informed the Council that they are working on some concept plan layouts for the new City Hall and Police Station. This will be on the next work session for discussion.

Mayor Soliman announced that there is a need for an executive session on personnel (5 ILCS 120/2(c)(1)).

Clerk Hackney informed the Council that on June 18, 2019 all of the paperwork that was taken out of the loft was shredded. The company reported that it shredded 16,000 pounds of paper.

(#1) Motion by Alderwoman Oberlin, seconded by Alderman Coladipietro, to go into an executive session on personnel (5 LCS 120/2(c)(1)). 

On roll call, the vote was: 

AYES: Ald. Albert, Kubal, Dyke, Vershay, Sklare, Gazal, Oberlin, Coladipietro. 

NAYES: None. 

ABSENT: None. 

There being eight (8) affirmative votes, the MOTION CARRIED.

The executive session began at 7:53 p.m.

The meeting was reconvened at 8:01 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:02 p.m.


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